Wednesday, November 02, 2011

rooM 1211

room 1211 7
room 1211 4
room 1211 2 small
room 1211 6
room 1211 1 small
room 1211 5
when i opened the door to my room at the ACE HOTEL, i gasped, skipped into it, and did my little happy dance


Wax said...

Wait, where are the bathroom pics?!?! You should've posed in that beautiful vintage looking tub with your mermaid tail on!!!

Matthew Spade said...

i adore this. been looking for a wire box for ages but can't seem to find one

Anonymous said...

You and all these beautiful spaces. Not fair!

Anonymous said...

Wait do you not live in NY anymore?

Anonymous said...

Lovely sweater! Where did you get it from? :-)

we could grow up 2gether said...

can't i splurge on an amazing hotel room before i return to my sublet?! lol

and my sweater is from H&M

Jakrapan LeE said...

i luv ur apartment,it's very cool one !!