faithful friends who are dear to us

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ema and i go way back. we used to work together back in hong kong like 11 years ago. thick and think we have been through. countless laughter and tears we have shared. we don't see other that often now but every time we get together it would be something major, like 8 hours of intensive shopping in tokyo that leads to exhaustion or a madonna concert that we would never forget. this time, it was a lovely day in new york city - we had lunch at AN CHOI for some yummy vietnamnese food and then shopping in williamsburg followed. her gorgeous arrow necklace came from CAT BIRD and look at her new sperry topsiders boots! and stopping by my favorite cafe BAKERI was inevitable. after that it was bon chon chicken and lychee soju cocktails in korean town. we ended the day ordering room service in her room at the ace hotel. you know, u can't choose your friends. you can't even try to be someone you are not so that you can please that somebody or make that person like you and become you friend, that's scheming ... true friendship just happens. it should be effortless