Monday, December 12, 2011

on the jane's carousel

jane carousel 1
jane carousel 2
jane carousel 3
jane carousel 4
jane carousel 5
jane carousel 6
jane carousel 7
jane carousel 8
you know where'd you get to when you walk from manhattan to dumbo on the brooklyn bridge? it leads you right to this magical carousel in a glasshouse! i blog about the JANE's CAROUSEL when it was still in renovation like two years ago and i am so happy to finally get to be on it y'all. when i hopped on to one of the horses, i just couldn't stop smiling and feeling awesome! as the carousel spined, u got to see the manhattan skyline and the bridges and the skies. man, only in new york. only in new york


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Anonymous said...

so festive!!!

Jonathan said...

Something about the touchscreen technology on the historic carousel that makes me smile asa reminder of my own timeline : )