Saturday, December 24, 2011

shooting with ethan

ethan making of 8
ethan making of 7
ethan making of 6
ethan making of 5
ethan making of 4
ethan making of 3
ethan making of 2
we did a shoot with ethan james the other day. it was a cold one so every time he changed outside he would scream like a girl just for the sake of drama. and this kid knew how to gimme "couture" poses, like those that you kinda hunch and wrap your arms around your waist and stuff. supermodel wurk! haha. we had our lunch break at LUKE'S for some lobster rolls. good times as always


wax said...

jenny craig!!!

we could grow up 2gether said...


Liam R. Findlay said...

How exciting! My absolute favourite model; I love his stuff. What shoot was this? Is there somewhere I can see the final shots? :)