Monday, January 23, 2012


tate 4
tate 9
tate 8
tate 6
tate 5
tate 2
tate 3
tate 1
tate 7
more tate
i was gonna walk over the bridge and head home in this gorgeous night but decided to turn around and paid my very first visit to the TATE MODERN. the turn was totally worthwhile


Anonymous said...

Who was there to take you photos?

we could grow up 2gether said...

me just asked random fellow tourists, haha

Sam said...

I'll let you have a cup of earl grey chocolate if you give me your jacket. I love the stripes- Urban Outfitters had something similar but the quality was terrible.


katecrackpot said...

Yeah, YOUR backpack rocks!! ;-)

Duck said...

You are so cute!! I could eat you up. And loving the unexpected fox tail!


Duke Fashion said...

I can't get over that backpack! I want one!