Friday, February 24, 2012

anchor [ˈæŋkə]

from a pair of SHORT SHORTS to a triangle BANDANA, and from a BUCKLE BELT to an aged KEY CHAIN, y'all know my love for anything with an anchor is undying. is it because i crave for the adventures of a seafarer? oh hell no! i puke like linda blair in the exorcist whenever i travel by sea. but what anchor symbolizes is quiet poetic; it conveys positive connotations of security and stability; moreover, a harbor against cunty stormy weathers. the christians used the anchor as a hidden secret cross back in the days while they were under the persecution by the romans. and in the yesteryears, an anchor tattoo worn by sailors was a symbol for being grounded or tied down to a significant other. kate moss has a little one on her right wrist ... below are some anchor goodies i got recently and some inspirations from the 2012 fall winter menswear arena soap and whistle a whistle key chain from CAT BIRD & a soap from SAVE HAVEN anchor 1b a khaki blazer for this coming spring with anchors embroidery anchor 2 a vintage playing card & an antique picture of a seaman anchor 3b this blazer is by the japanese brand RAGEBLUE anchor 4 images from the 2012 f/w collection of J.W. ANDERSON anchor 5 these little embroideries can also be called critters, something from the preppy fashion heritage anchor 6 a THOM BROWNE 2012 f/w catwalk image that haunts me in a hot way, just like what tate in american horror story did in season 1


Joe Jubinville said...

Nice jacket... looks like cotton twill? I’m partial to jackets.

I like things seafaring, more than I like seafaring. Put me on a boat out on the open water and I’m bored. But there’s something timeless about harbor life, the marina milieux, their romance and excitement; the convergence of two great domains and the unique lifestyle it spawns.

Anonymous said...

The Thom Browne spiked head mask is very American Horror Story. I like that show too.

TH said...

u forgot ur Anchor Shorts from H&M!