"sometimes i go to coney island"

coney island 6
coney island 7 small ukillingme coney island 1 em and isaac coney island 3 coney island 5 tb pearls more issac 1 coney island 8 coney island 4 i almost forgot about posting this entry! emi, wax, and i went to coney island with isaac weber for a shoot before christmas last year. the last time i was there was back in 2006 and there was snow. and this time it's a misty beautiful day, perfect for the dior homme and thom browne looks. i introduced emi to HIPSTAMATIC, an app i simply can't live without, then she got hooked right away and snapped many behind the scene pictures, some are featured here, like crazy. and wax couldn't get the bowtie right cos he had a "heart condition" that day, lol! and i had a great time shooting this story. isaac likes to uses the word "really" repeatedly, like more than six times in one sentence. every time when i have to remind him to "show teeth" for the camera, he would throw his hands in the air and says "u'r killing me!" haha. and when he eats soba, he just uses his fingers to wrap the noodles around the chopsticks adorably. the pictures turned out lovely and the story's gonna be my favorite for this spring summer season. y'all stay tuned