Monday, March 19, 2012

20 pairs of shoes

20 pairs of shoe 2 these are a few of my favorite shoes. some of them have not even been worn yet. 6 pairs of them green. and half of them i got from new york


Anonymous said...

This is good for the economy cos I am incredibly turned on by this and want to go buy some shoes now.

Daniel said...

Oh my. I'm so jealous right now. haha

Je Suis Un Prince said...

I would acceppt all of them :-)
Nice collection!

Juanduh. said...

This is perfection and i'm in love.

Adie Andrews said...

Honestly for the first time I saw such an incredible collection of man shoes. All of them are looking so great too great indeed. Greets check in report london

Roddick said...

I might need to borrow some one day.

Damenfrost said...

Great advice! Especially when it comes to silhouette.
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