Sunday, March 11, 2012

le langage des fleurs

le langage des fleurs 2 le langage des fleurs 1le langage des fleurs 4 le labgage des fleur 3 just stopped by the DIPTYQUE store in marais for a MOUSSES candle that smells like the forest floor after the rain for my hotel room. and the lovely french girl there in polkadots gave me some samples as well as this beautiful le langage des fleurs catalogue that explains the symbolism of each scent which comes in a even more beautiful drawstring bag


wax said...

waaah we dont have this in new york yet! or maybe we do. have to stop by the shop tomorrow!

Duck said...

So pretty, haven't seen this before! My favourite is the Choisya scent.

Unknown said...

If you need any help with translation, I'll be happy to help, I'm sure they have an English version anyway...beside the candles, the body products are just the best I had to enjoy, Indulge yourself with l'ombre dans l'eau body lotion and Velvet hand lotion, you will feel a real difference from any other type of product you can come across!