PAUL HARNDEN started out as a shoemaker, like more than 25 years ago. my breath has been taken away by his handmade creations in stores like DSM, IF, and some other shops in tokyo. the jackets made by his team of artisans under his leadership are all about the civil war aesthetics and handmade craftsmanship. to me, they are very les misérables. his take on herringbone is rough yet poetic. the scarves i saw at L'ECLAIREUR earlier are so beautiful; they are with double sided prints, with quail eggs pattern, and even with colorful soldiers on it ... ph 1 these scarves are more like pieces of art. u want to frame it and hang them the wall ph 2 some spreads from an old issue of INVENTORY magazine featuring the jackets ph 3 these jackets look like they are unearthed from a time capsule, full of stories to tell