Monday, April 16, 2012

@ the brooklyn flea part 1

b flea 1 the effortless beauty of a rolled up sleeve b flea 2 robot robot robot robot robot robot robots b flea 3 don't look back in anger i heard you say b flea 4 bandana in the back pocket. scrunch up head something rare that i wish i could afford b flea 5 many many green giraffes on a yellow shirt b flea 6 nantucket red wild leg trousers. classy b flea 7 accessories for a dilf: iwc watch & a baby


Duck said...

Love that first bag, and the giraffe print - how Prada SS 12 :)

KC said...

oh robots and giraffes, what can make you happier?

Matthew Spade said...

big red trousers are looking sweeeet