Sunday, April 08, 2012

love . never assume

shoe tattoo 1 remember i blogged about how neat the INSOLES of the PAUL SMITH shoes are. Then i was kindda bumped out that the recent PAIR i got does not come with the purdy insoles and i have not even yet been taken it for a spin. to my surprise, i just found out each shoe has a tattoo engraved on the sole; the right one says love and the left one says never assume. :D shoe tattoo 2


naboonies said...

I love your PS soles - always a surprise! Mine that I bought two years ago had dragonflies and dandelions etched beneath the shoes. But of course they were rubbed away as the leather wore off...

Images of the shoes (in an almost-pristine condition):

Dunia Fashyon

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

OMFG! just went to your site and saw the dandelion! it's my favorite kind of flower cos they come with precious wishes!