Saturday, April 14, 2012

to feel the wind on your face & your skin & it's here i begin my story

never ending story 1 never ending story 2 never ending story 3 never ending story 4 on my plane ride to somewhere, i watched one of my favorite films that i grew up dearly with - the neverending story. the lesson of the story is simple - do what you dream; be brave, be confident, and care. i always cry at two scenes: the first one is when artax the horse gives up and dies in the swarm of sadness. the second one, which makes me cry even a hell lot more, is when bastian makes a wish and poof! falkor, the most beautiful white creature i've ever seen, takes him on the ride in the glorious skies and brings the boy to where his heart desires. just like how the plane takes me to where i always wanna be - new york frigging city! i'm in town and good girl gonna gone wild


Frollein von Sofa said...

oh my goodness...the neverending story. (have you ever read the whole book ? it's amazing ) the original german name of the luck dragon is fuchur, which I guess is so hard to pronounce for most people. when I first saw the movie I fell in love with atreju and I wrote him a letter in german and asked my mother's friend to translate it for me...I never received an answer....trauma !

LYNN and HORST said...

you little sex kitten

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

frollein, brave warriors are all heart breakers. i guess now u understand what's worse than "the swarm of sadness" would be "the desert of shattered hopes" LOL

lynn, how the hell have u been stranger! "but i want so badly to be good. forgive me" :: giggles ::

Luuworld said...

love this film. and the song! limahl!