pao 1 pao 2 pao 3 pao 4 pao 5 pao 6 pao 7 pao 8 pao 9 pao 10 pao 11 pao 12 pao 13 pao 14 ema was here only for the weekend, so our day together had to be action packed. the night before i told her she couldn't come see me in all black so she went to SURFACE TO AIR for a whole new ensemble. then lots of food in great places followed like spicy noodles at XI'AN FAMOUS FOOD, VAN LEUWEEN's ice cream, cocktails at the MANHATTAN INN, and dinner at SAMURAI MAMA. and of cos the grilled corn at the brooklyn flea was obligatory. the amazing vintage heavy khaki skirt she got from MALIN LANDAEUS became the grand finale of this lovely day. 有朋自遠方來,真的不亦樂乎!