cotelac 1 cotelac 2 cotelac 3 cotelac 4 cotelac 5 cotelac 6 cotelac mens cotelac 8 cotelac 7 cotelac 12 cotelac 9 cotelac 10 cotelac 11 things french usually don't excite me a single bit, but COTELAC makes a difference. designer raphaelle cavalli creates clothes that come with a subtlety as well as a pinch of playfulness. the delightful match of different fabrics and prints of the men's collection is fun and accessible. the unforgettable double cross stitching. the classic little stripes and plaids. the little birds on the lining make it all so precious. and the lookbook slash journal is the thing that makes me fall for the brand in the first place. they have a store on greene street in soho; check it out y'all