Monday, May 07, 2012


pokemon 1 pokemon 2 pokemon 4 pokemon 3 oh hello! just so you know, this post is like my first official collaboration with a fellow blogger. his name is francis. he's a merchandiser for zara and he comes from canada. he'd like to get involved more in styling and buying when he grows up. his blog, POKEMON & FASHION, is mad cute and me love it long time. hope you'd like it as much as i do


Duck said...

OK I love this!! Especially that last picture, you two look so cute! Such a good idea, although the amount of time required for the Photoshopping is probably painful right?

annie.yu said...

how cute are u, my love!!

Mat said...

it's a bit bonkers, i like the look of it

Teresa said...

The animated additions crack me up! Great juxtaposition of something silly and fun with the real.


Mac said...

What I'm particularly liking is the Chelsea boots. :-)