boro3 boro4 boro2 boro1 boro6 boro7 boro5 always been fascinated by these patchwork-like textile originated from the frozen north of japan. patched and mended out of necessity with any bits of fabric available just to keep warm, this threadbare clothing and blankets tell many tales of humility and impoverishment. the beauty of the story is these desperate acts of frugality during the edo period and throughout the meiji period have evolved into something so magnificent with distinct colors and sashiko stitchings, which also have inspired brands like RRL by RALPH LAUREN, KAPITAL, MISTER FREEDOM, and J. AUGUR to revive them into jeans, shirts, stoles, and ties ... this is called boro. and the boro book by yukiko koide & kyoichi tsuzuki book simply captures the true beauty of this unintentional folk craft