the round ones

IMG_0012 Untitled-1 some say that chinese were responsible for developing spectacles about 2000 years or more ago. others believe the first spectacles were made between 1268 and 1289 when english philosopher roger bacon and some kind of manuscript entitled traite de con uite de la famille documented the use of glasses as seeing aids. and the first known artistic representation of eyeglasses was painted by tommaso da modena in 1352. in his series of frescoes of brothers reading and copying manuscripts, one holds a magnifying glass while the another has glasses perched on his nose. the use of spectacles then spread from italy to the germany, france, and spain. one of the antique spectacle styles that i love is the round ones, in gold or in metal. two of my all time iconoclasts, lennon and puyi, have wore them so unforgettably. i found this pair of gold one at the brookly flea and i have used it for my shoots