Friday, July 13, 2012

labour & wait

labour 1 labour 2 labour 3 labour 4 labour 5 labour 6 LABOUR AND WAIT is a store that sells things that varies from hardware to clothing, vintage and new. The store is simply a celebration of timeless and functional designs. i walked out with two of these RSPB pins


Matthew Spade said...

glad you found it, such a lovely place with great staff

objectlove said...

I love them too - I have one of their scrub brushes + brown canvas aprons. I'm a neat-freak in my studio.


JDP said...

It's a great store - a few of the items are overpriced, but to get that brand mix and quality I think it's worth it. I agree @objectlove, the aprons and brushes are amazing, so are the glass containers.

Great shots!