Sunday, August 26, 2012

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vahrammuratyan 1 vahrammuratyan 2 vahrammuratyan 3 vahrammuratyan 4 prada tee whiz up by artist VAHRAM MURATYAN, this witty little book titled paris versus new york, is a tale of two cities that would put a smile on those who are familiar with the cities of new york and paris, or simply those who love new york and love not paris that much like me. my favorite paired-up is amelie vs carrie & les mis vs rent. muratyan's t-shirt collaboration with PRADA is pretty neat also


Anonymous said...

Which one are you? Amelie or Carrie?

Matthew Spade said...

ah yeah i remember bookmarking their blog a while back, think i'll be getting this

we could grow up 2gether said...

oh anonymous, do u have to ask?! of cos me carrie! lol

jessie pearl said...

Wow,Its very pretty and owsome.Its so good.

shot for slim

Unknown said...

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