Thursday, August 16, 2012

my favorite magazine in the whole wide world, y'all!

download-4 japanese menswear magazine POPEYE has been around for more than thirty five years and with a new editorial direction and revamp by takahiro kinoshita ( whose charm and hard work has been gracing the pages of sister magazine, BRUTUS ), it has officially become my favorite rag in the world. on top of choice menswear of the season and off season, it talks about little things like bird watching, making drip coffee in the mountain while camping, antique wooden stools, and disgusting traditional food from england ... sometimes they even have hand drawn rain and gray clouds over a model boy in a picture. i think if we could grow up together became a magazine, it would be popeye. for those who want to get a hold of an issue in the western world, try HYPEBEAST popeye


Anonymous said...

Covers looks so kawaii!!

Anonymous said...

better than FREE EASY?

we could grow up 2gether said...

like hell JEAH! honey u have been reading to much of those "look-im-straight-im-white-and-i-have-style" menswear blogs. i know those blogs and j-crew glorify free & easy, but popeye is wau more personal and has a lot more of the childlike sense of wonder which i dig. its just so wcgut