Sunday, September 16, 2012

celine / fuglen

fuglen 1 fuglen 2 fuglen 3 first, meet my new-old celine. it's an all brown medium shopper without the swirlies in big chunky thick ass leather. lucious. thrift-shopping in tokyo is a big thing. apart from numerous online second-hand shopping sites ( like BRANDEAR & RAKUTEN ), there are also too many shops out here that sells an awesomely curated selection of precious items, like hermes haut a courroies ( think green leather + canvas ), chanel tweed jackets, & tricker's country boots. So i took my shopper out for the first spin & went to this cafe that kaz has been recommending - the FUGLEN. coffee beans here are picked in africa, roasted in norway & then flown to tokyo to be squeezed in an aeropress ( the fast-brew filter gizmo ). an uber coiffed kenji kojima with a great tan & a sexy moustache made me an iced shaken coffee which was heavenly, probably because norway’s roasts are the lightest in the world & the most fruity also. originally from downtown oslo, this coffee house turns into a cocktail bar after the sun sets. and if you are a fan for the mid-century norwegian designs of dark woods & retro colors, just pay the price & take it home with you cos everything here is for sale, even the wallpaper! oh and fuglen means “the bird”


Anonymous said...

Just like a chocolate cube. So delish.

Anonymous said...

How many big Celine do you have? So jealous of your collection.

we could grow up 2gether said...

all im saying is, NOT ENOUGH! more more more