Thursday, September 06, 2012

he's such a cry baby ... la la lalalala

shooting with tadas 6 shooting with tadas 2 shooting with tadas 1 shooting with tadas 4 shooting with tadas 5 shooting with tadas 3
"lithuania." tadas naujokaitis said that's where he's from & im like wha? where? the ignoramus in me just crawled all out. then he taught me geography with his iphone. this kid has a body of mr catalogue but the way he articulates and the drama he gives for pictures are so wcgut. im like, "you have an old soul" and he's like, "you are the 1st person who told me that" :P anyway, this is a shoot inspired by an oldie from madge, click on above & sing along! & greetings from the studio!

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Dick Tracy Haha