iroquois 4 iroquois 5 iroquois  3 iroquois 6 iroquois 1 iroquois 2 everyone, meet my new favorite japanese menswear brand IROQUOIS. their denim-jacquard-fusion jacket is a love-at-first-sight for me; so pretty & flaming in a subtle way. then it comes the beauteous catalogue. all the images whisper the theme for this autumn winter season so splendidly - let's run away & join the circus! you can't get more we could grow up 2gether than that. from a henley shirt to a bomber that's so becoming for a spectacular juggling act, this brand is full of whimsy & childlike sense of wonder. you can see a lot of heart from the detailing & lining. last but not least, thanks to takeshi san for welcoming me so even i just barged into his ebisu store demanding to take pictures & stuff :)