coach legacy leather tote 2 coach legacy leather tote 3 coach legacy leather tote 1 Untitled-1 in 1961, an american designer made history when she introduced industrial hardware like brass toggles & zippy zips onto the clothes & bags of COACH. her name is bonnie cashin & she also introduced the idea of matching coin purses attached to bags as well as inner zipped compartments, way before mister martin margiela or miss phoebe philo did those tricks ... now struts in the coach legacy collection, which re-introduces the classic brand's archival pieces but with a modern twist. this legacy leather tote is made from burnished leather & archival elements in its construction - tubular handles, leather edge bindings & beveled strap anchors. the depth of the interior can easily accommodates all my goodies like a portfolio folder, my drawing paper, my old school LEICA minilux 35mm, my ALAIN MIKLI eyebrow spectacles, my FILOFAX, & my KINFOLK magazine. with a fox tail charm & a tweety tweet newsboy cap, me ready for autumn. oh they also have a legacy popup shop on omotesando not too long ago showing some awesome collaboration pieces. my favorite goes to the one created by daisuke obana, designer of N. HOOLYWOOD