more photographs from the n. hoolywood office

remember BACK in august i paid a visit to the showroom of N HOOLYWOOD? well, here's a couple more photographs i made there for i.t post : more n hoolywood office 1 little whatnots on the shelve behind designer daisuke obana's desk more n hoolywood 7 awesome floor more n hoolywood 5 paper bag that holds sample pieces more n hoolywood office 4 two ball pens that daisuke san uses to draw his sketches more n hoolywood 8 where the magic happens more n hoolywood office 3 "no wire hangers. what's wire hangers doing in this closet when i told you no wire hangers EVER?" more n hoolywood 6 a lil greenery more n hoolywood office 2 this is a wall of boxes which are the packaging for the undergarment line - the main reason why i'm so drawn to this brand