Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the celine boys club

celine boys club i have been wanting to start a celine luggage boys club for a long time & make the club all asian & be super racist about it. however it seems to be the in thing these days to play all lovin' & sayin' everyone's your frigging best friend & stop bullyin' ( but naming your first fragrance fame ) so ima make this club all united colors of benetton ... you have to have a luggage to be in, not a cabas, or those pouches, or even the classic box. so far, we have COTONBLANC, his small black luggage photographs have graced many pages of his INSTAGRAM album; fashion designer ALEJANDRO CARLIN has a phantom & is looking classy in an elevator; this dark skin fella with the tri-color medium luggage has somehow canceled his instagram account so i can't seem to identify him while pretty rich boi GORDON TAN is getting his hair did in front of his croco-phantom; yet what impresses me the most is MIKKO VAINIO's large blue luggage. i thought it was a myth but it does exist. last but not least is GRAHAM FAN. as far as i know he doesn't have a luggage but since his collection of celine glasses is so awesome & he looks too adorable in all of them, ima make an exception celine boys 2 female oh & chairman chu is in the october issue of singapore's fashion rag FEMALE with his medium luggage in red racer stripes. thanks to jeremy tan for the shoutout!


Anonymous said...

Chairman Chu. LOL!

Duck said...

One day!!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were super racist? There seems to be only Asian & Caucasian people on this site... Apart from today with with the black dude and the bag.
I don't expect to see this comment or a response

Aaron Marcus said...

can phantom luggage apply? :)

we could grow up 2gether said...


mv said...

Thanks for mention!

tancy said...

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