zoo 1 zoo 2 zoo 7 zoo 6 zoo 3 zoo 4 zoo 5 zoo 8 oh he shy souvenirs the thrill from running towards the zoo & the smell of elephants bring you right back to the good ole times when you were a kid. i was so happy & excited at the ueno zoo but i only got an hour before it closed ( cos i got in late ) so i was holding my pee & ran mad clutching my celine trio trying to see all the animal friends. the hippo room was a challenge - holding your pee & your breath in the same time ain't easy; those hippo dudes are just nasty! lol. anyway, i got to see 2 giraffes for the first time, got multiple mosquito bites when i was trying to do a shoot with the squirrels, ate the cutest panda bento rice box ever by the lotus pond, & checked out the giftshop. phew!