the wcgut side of shanghai, sort of

shanghai 2012 shanghai 2012 4 shanghai 2012 3 shanghai 2012 2 shanghai 2012 5 shanghai 2012 6 shanghai 2012 7 this is a city where uncivilization is the civilization & every frigging cab driver plays dumb to not know where you wanna go or have no change so that they can scheme & rip you off. dollar bills here have all been marinated with shit water so that they can be the grossest thing on earth & at every street corner you would discover a new kind of stink. this is also a place where people spit / fart on the streets as if it's an honorable tradition & every local waiter is competing for the championship of the laziest and the rudest. but still, i'd strive to look for something we could grow up 2gether & purdy