at isa's

isa office 1 isa office 2 isa office 3 isa office 4 sipsipsip there aren't too many reasons for me to journey to midtown or times square, but seeing an old friend at her new office is a legit one. so not too long ago, i went all the way up there to pay a visit to ISA TAPIA 's new office, followed by a lovely dinner at the WAVERLY INN. sweet times indeed. we met back then when she was working for some company, & now she has made her dream come true by having her own line of fancy shoes with tons of fun & a whole lot of personality. in this city called the big apple, people have talents, they also have a buttload of full-of-shit-ness & full-of-themselves-ness; they busy putting on a front but forget to actually make great things happen. only a few of them are diligent enough to not put their talents & creative juices to waste. isa is one of them. one word - respect