Wednesday, December 19, 2012

“Can I Make The Music Fly?”

weber003 to me, a beautiful photograph would be something that i see & then say to myself, "damn, i wish it was me who took this" with a hand gesture. my hero mr bruce weber (it was what he does that motivated me to pick up a camera) made this image of violinist charlie siem :: swoon :: & virtuoso claudius agrippa for DIOR HOMME & a short film entitled “can i make the music fly?”. what makes this photograph so wonderful is not only the we-could-grow-up-together-ness of it, but how weber took this picture in ugly ass tompkins square park & still be able to create something so splendid so effortlessly. well, that's the magic in him


Anonymous said...

that and gmake male models believe they famous if they take there clothes off for him

Black Min said...


Anonymous said...

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