Thursday, December 27, 2012

we could grow up together with :

pedro casting 1 pedro casting 3 pedro casting 2 pedro casting 4 REQUEST's pedro bertolini came in for a casting one day with his river phoenix hair & sexy deep voice & whimsical blue eyes. this kid from brazil will steal your heart away. so watch out!


Perpetua Ip said...

River Phoenix hair !!!

Kwannam Chu said...

Hai ah! He used to have it longer and looked exactly like river. I think one of the mags did a shoot with him paying tribute to river Tim!

Perpetua Ip said...

aiya, im too shy to look into his eyes....whimsical ah..... come people! cover them with river ji hair!

Anonymous said...

Oh look, another white model....Yawn

Kwannam Chu said...

Oh look, another anonymous Internet troll
Comment ... Bigger yawn

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