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246 common 1 246 common 2 246 common 3 i like it when i'm like "screw-this-google-map-thing-on-my-iphone" & just follow my instincts to wander away in a foreign land. somewhere near omotesando hill i followed my gut & entered this old timey looking alley with small cabins on both sides & poof! before my eyes was this “food trucks central meets farmer’s market” called 246 COMMON. this car park turned market place with so many food carts has been a hot spot for outdoor drinking & dining. in winter time, they have adorable caravans & tents for you to chill out in all cozzy. from beer to bread & authentic ramen to risotto, the variety of food & drinks you can get here is impressive. while a gentle grandma is preparing her secret-recipe soup in one food cart, you will see this dude with hipster moustache making fries in a tin booth next door. the common does bring back a sense of community to the area. established cafes, bar venues, bakers, & craft shops all come together here. sweet