Friday, February 22, 2013

the boundary

Untitled-1 room 15 2 room 15 3 room 15 4 room 15 5 room 15 6 room 15 7 room 15 8 R1009688 THE BOUNDARY is where i have my sweet dreams @ night under the moonlight ( yes, the big ass windows let the moonshine in! ) during my london adventures. i booked it cos it's the only hotel available & i wasn't expecting much. yet to my surprise, it's so good i've fallen in love with it. located right above the cafe / bakery / foodstore ALBION in an used-to-be victorian warehouse on one of my favorite streets in shoreditch - redchurch street, this establishment might be small ( with 12 individually designed guest bedrooms + five suites ) but it comes with grand hospitality. not only they pamper you with champagne upon check in & little dessert after sundown, once you've voiced out your request, the whole team of staff would be notified & be more than accommodating about it. at times, they even do things for you before you ask & that's what great service is. the big ass windows & the walk-in closet area with more-than-enough hangers amaze me most while the heated bathroom floor keeps me cozzy. oh, & hats off to the door man paul; such a helpful & hardworking gentleman!


Jonathan said...

Not far from that area is Spitalfields
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Matthew Spade said...

right above the albion, now way. now that's a location!

Pablo said...

Just discovered your blog via Habitually Chic and I'm loving it. Nice post! =)