Tuesday, March 05, 2013


45rpm2 45 rpm temple 45rpm1 ever since 1978, 45RPM has been using traditional dying techniques to make their beautiful denim with a whole lot of japanese craftsmanship & subtle quality. they also stick to the japanese philosophy “mottainai” which roughly translated to reduce – reuse – recycle. their indigo, or ai-dye, is always yarn-dyed by hand, where the skeins of yarn are dyed twice a day for two weeks to achieve their fullest glorious color. well, what i got from them is not a pair of denim, but a pair of while pants, which is equally awesome


Anonymous said...

Jello 4 your Nano

Gus said...

Have you ever checked out Nudie Jeans? They also make AMAZING jeans from great denim:

we could grow up 2gether said...

yes guus, i remember buying two pairs from the nudie shop in melbourne like 8 years ago!