Thursday, March 28, 2013

似水流年 how time flies

長洲遊5 長洲遊 6 長洲遊9 長洲遊3 長洲遊8 長洲遊 7 長洲遊 1 annie, ema, & i go way back. we so tight, these two have seen me cry in multiple occasions. we met when we started working together like 14 years ago. ema & i always ganged up on annie & had a blast every single time ( we still do ). the last time the three of us got together was 8 years ago since we are all over the world now - annie lives in melbourne & ema works in shanghai. so it's pretty sweet that we could all went to 長洲 together with ema's baby sister vivian & her dog doudou this spring. 外貌早改變. 處境都變. 情懷未變 ...

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