wecouldgrowup2gether hall of fame : stephan haurholm

hall of fame stephong halloffame 2 halloffame 1 did a little catchin' up with one of my favorite we could grow up together boys stephan in shibuya the other night & it got me thinking, "what'd the title of the blog entry be?" & WCGUT HALL OF FAME came to mind. not only he's in the top 5 boys i've shot with, he's the only kid that i've done 3 stories with by far - HERE, HERE, & HERE. when i knew he's working in tokyo at the moment i told him, "stephan i wanna see you & see how much you've grown!" it turned out he's still the same in looks but a lot wiser ( from the stories he shared over drinks & ciggies ). i first casted this copenhagen kid back in 2008 in the east village, called him SKITTLES FROM HEAVEN, & wanted to shoot with him so bad only to find out he's flying to europe the next day. but destiny always has its own charming way to work shit out & i got to do 3 stories with him two years later. on the very first shoot with him we all worried that he's gonna be late since call time was 4:30 am & he was still a teenager. to our surprise he was the first one standing there in the street corner waiting in the butt-freezing cold that morning! this is how stephan rolls, if the call time is way early he just pull an all nighter & don't go to sleep at all! that explains why he passed out after the shoot was done, lol. this kid has a buttload of joie de vie & he never stops playing & smiling, that's why his happy-go-lucky personality is so contagious & he so we could grow up 2gether