Saturday, March 23, 2013

we taught the world new ways to dream > part 1

wetaughttheworldnewways2dream 1 wetaughttheworldnewwaystodream 22 wetaughttheworldnewways2dream 2 wetaughttheworldnewways2dream 3 wetaughttheworldnewways2dream 4 wetaughttheworldnewways2dream 5 wetaughttheworldnewways2dream 6 wetaughttheworldnewways2dream 7 wetaughttheworldnewways2dream 8 wetaughttheworldnewways2dream 9 wetaughttheworldnewways2dream 10 the part one of my london story for I.T POST spring summer 2013 issue featuring pulchritudinous modelboys jake cooper, ben waters, aston harrison-taylor, & oliver greenall ... part deux comin' up next week so stay fruggin' tuned people


MaXXX said...

Sensitive and romantic as always. Love them all!

peggy braswell said...

love the photos! + have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown said...

so good.. saw this in print