flower arrangement of the day : 008

hyacinths 2 in greek mythology, hyacinth was a beautiful youth adored by both the god apollo & the west wind, zephyr. that boy has caused a major feud between the two gods. apollo & hyacinth used to take turns at throwing the discus. jealous that hyacinth preferred the radiant archery god apollo, zephyrus blew apollo's discus off course, so hyacinth ran to catch the dicus, just to impress apollo, but was struck by it as it fell to the ground, & died. for some reason, apollo didn't allow hades to claim hyacinth. instead, apollo made a flower, the hyacinth, from hyacinth's spilled blood. the tears of apollo then stained the newly formed flower's petals with the sign of his grief. & then the flower, somehow, is associated with the idea of rebirth hyacinths