my favorite ny ramen places

clement 5 being going to SOBAYA since 2006. their nabeyaki udon is the perfect remedy / soul food when you are a bit under the weather or it's cold outside clement 4 MINCA's noodles are fun, curly, & chewy while the broth is thick & fulfilling. & those big fellas who work there are so sweet clement 3 probably 1 of the most wcgut ramen places in town, SAMURAI MAMA's tempura udon in plumy tasty broth & that long wooden communal table make journeying to williamsburg worthwhile clement 1 XI'AN FAMOUS FOOD ain't no japanese authentic ramen at friggin' all but its chinese-ness & spiciness remind me of where i'm originally from. plus the affordable price makes it even better. apparently, supermalemodel clement chabernaud thinks so too clement 2