vstitch out of the blue, i just realized most of my dear icons, at a certain point, have been donnin' the sweatshirt look. gene kelly, jack kerouac, & holly golightly ... back in the 30s & 40s, most of the american sweatshirts had the v-stitched neck details on both the front & the back of the neck; made from a double layer of webbing material-ribbed cotton jersey, the particular design detail was to act as a sponge to soak up the sweat. in the next decade, the v design still prevailed but it had become a single layer of ribbed cotton stitched to the fleece. then came the 60's & that's when the v had evolved to just an overlock stitch on the collar, for the sake of decoration. nowadays, the modern sweatshirts don't even have anything on the collar at frigging all. so it is such a rare find to see this one by LEVIS® VINTAGE CLOTHING