Monday, July 22, 2013

breakfast @ leila's

leila breakfast 1 leila breakfast 2 leila breakfast 3 leila breakfast 4 leila breakfast 5 leila breakfast 6 so far, i have found the LEILA'S SHOP the most #wecouldgrowup2gether place in shoreditch. not only the store sells a precious selection of fresh seasonal fruit, colorful veggies, chegworth farm juices, chutneys, breads, bags of marcona almonds, & french sunflower oil that comes in large plastic bottles, having breakfast or lunch at their café next door is such a wonderful delight. the sweet staffs in aprons who looks like characters from an play on stage, the old fashioned open kitchen, & the sunlight hitting on all the wooden furnitures will all make you forget about time


Matthew Spade said...

look lovely, do you remember the address?

Gus said...

Wish I'd known you were in London-we could have had a coffee somewhere WCGUT. If you're still around Shoreditch, check out 'The Clove Club' for some great food in cool-but-not-overstyled surroundings.