Thursday, July 18, 2013


oxford picnic 9 oxford picnic 2 oxford picnic 9 oxford picnic 4 oxford picnic 7 oxford picnic 5 oxford picnic 3 oxford picnic 6 oxford picnic 1 oxford picnic 10 oxford picnic 8 i was meetin' andrew & samuel for a picnic over at the beautiful oxford botanic garden. funny how we're all showing up wearing stripy oxford shirts! these 2 had a slumber party & long girly pillow talk the night before but still managed to get up early, prepare great food, & make the morning train on time. before the picnic began samuel got a cap from the gift shop & i was borrowing it for some photo ops here. then it's cigarettes, rosé, gossips, & a lovely afternoon by the canal. good times good times


Perpetua Ip said...

O my Oxford boys!

annie.yu said...

Oxford jai jai rowing the boat!!!!

Matthew Spade said...

Very good times, Oxford shirts it's got to be