the burberry boys part deux

burberrybackstag 11b burberrybackstag 12 burberrybackstag 13 burberrybackstag 14 burberrybackstag 15 burberrybackstag 16 burberrybackstag 17 burberrybackstag 18 burberrybackstag 19 burberrybackstag 20burberrybackstage 22 this is to follow up the PART 1 of my backstage story from the BURBERRY prorsum 2014 s/s menswear show. i have to, again, post a photograph of the fashion house's worldwide exclusive callum ball as he's too cherubic not to. guerrino santulliana likes to walk around & not stay still in his NIKE sweats while the boy from france elliot vulliod likes to walk in front of your camera & acts like it's accidental & then makes an oopsy goofy face. max rendell is a natural since he'd do whatever to flirt with any camera in front of him. i wouldn't say benjamin eidem's the naomi of the show since he's gentle & stuff, but the little gestures he does & the experiences he has in modelling, make him the true star that gleams effortlessly among all the fresh blood backstage