the burberry boys part one

burberrybackstage 1 burberrybackstag 2 burberrybackstag 3 burberrybackstag 4a burberrybackstag 5 burberrybackstag 6 burberrybackstag 7 burberrybackstag 8 burberrybackstag 9 burberrybackstag 10 burberrybackstage 21 i refuse to be one of those "fashion personalities" who do nothing (or even know nothing) but to sit at fashion shows & just front away. so i decided to make myself useful and hop from backstage to the front of house to take as many photographs as possible. tada! here i present you the boys at the backstage of the BURBERRY prosum 2014 spring summer show ... opening the show was little abel van oeveren who was the ultimate teenage prince while callum ball, the worldwide exclusive for the fashion house was rubbing elbows with the crew. outside the tent was where the boys chilled and tommaso from the awesomest agency TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY was on an important phonecall; next to him was the sweet sweet luke powell smiling for the camera. the friendliest one would be jester white who was havin' a glorious ciggie break here. it was also amazing to see how the hair stylist for the show matt mulhall working his magic while the quiet boy from japan yamada ryohei was behaving like a model student in the corner of the backstage camp