Friday, July 12, 2013

welcome to ...

this is oxford 7 this is oxford 1 this is oxford 3 this is oxford 5 this is oxford 8 this is oxford 6 this is oxford 2 this is oxford 4 at first i thought these kids were like graduating or something but then michael over at ANASTASIA-DUCK was telling me they were heading to exams indeed. the mandatory uniform worn by oxford students during examinations is called subfusc, a latin term meaning ‘of a dark colour.’ black gown, black trousers, white shirts, white bow-ties, black shoes & socks ... none of them can be missed! what's beautiful though is the carnation in the button hole. the colors of the flowers designate which exam they are sitting: white carnations for the first exam, pink for the rest, & red for the last exam of the year. when the exams are friggin' over, they hurl eggs & flour & champagne at each other to celebrate! oh old england. now where's my white carnation? :: "touched for the very first time" :: giggles

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