a rainy afternoon

sangenjaya 1 sangenjaya 2 sangenjaya 3b sangenjaya 4 sangenjaya 5 sangenjaya 6 sangenjaya 7 sangenjaya 8 sangenjaya 9 sangenjaya 10 in a rainy morning, kaz took me with him to explore this old-timey neighbourhood of sangenjaya. after a couple of wrong turns & my celine suede large phantom gettin' wet from the drizzle, i was beginnin' 2 get cranky & hungry & had to get myself some nuggets from my favourite local convenient store LAWSON. yum & those nuggets turned my mood around so we headed back to the road & discovered this charming vintage shop called GREEN FINGERS which is established by garden stylist SATOSHI SATIE KAWAMOTO. then the drizzle turned into cats & dogs pourin' rain so we ran into RAIN ON THE ROOF for shelter & some late lunch. this cafe is on the second floor of an old house with loads of ginormous armchairs & marble tables. with the sound of stormy rain outside as background music & some food to keep us amused, we chilled & chilled & chilled & forgot about time