brooklyn in tokyo

fort greene tokyo 1 fort greene tokyo 2 fort greene tokyo 3 fort greene tokyo 4 fort greene tokyo 5 fort greene tokyo 6 on a hot summer night, kaz took me to a place where we were supposed to go the last time i was in town. it's a tiny french restaurant on the 2nd floor of a little house at the edge of yoyogi park. inside you shall find various bric-a-brac, fresh + dried flowers, an unvarnished wooden table that seats 10, a four-burner stove, & some soulful jazz music coming from a record player. this is FORT GREENE everyone & it's oh so #wecouldgrowup2gether. established by makoto asamoto, this restaurant is his re-imagination of all the adventures he had while living in brooklyn. what amazes me is the passion & diligence of asamoto san; he basically runs this place by himself - from cooking yumyum food to serving everyone to cleaning the dirty dishes to hand-dripping the ambrosial after-dinner coffee for us. throughout the lovely dinner, kaz & i kept imaging what would it be like to be asamoto san. all i could think of is how blessed one could be when you just live what you love