orlando & the fountain

orlando fountain 1 orlando & fountain 3 orlando fountain 2 i made a new friend y'all & his name is luke. we met at THE ESPRESSO ROOM in bloomsbury in one early drizzly english morning & he was introducing me, enthusiastically, to this lovely neighbourhood where the famous bloomsbury group of artists used to hang (virginia woolf was part of the gang). back then, the publisher faber & faber used to be located in queen square, though at the time t. s. eliot was editor the offices were in tavistock square. now an uber fashionable area, even J CREW has to put a flag on it & opened a men’s store in a townhouse (dating back to the 1800s) on lamb’s conduit street. btw, luke is an interior decorator with green spectacles & his sense of style + aesthetic + the way he sees are so whimsical & #wecouldgrowup2gether! oh, he has a fantastical blog entitled ORLANDO & THE FOUNTAIN which reminds me so much of why i started blogging ... simply because life is supposed to be full of serendipity, simple beauty, new adventures, endless sojourning, quirks & all. if luke was a doll & i were a little girl, i'd be pulling out all the stops of a dramaqueen until my parents get me that doll so that we can become bffs & stuff