all those parisian stories

5 paris books by meandering' the twist & turn in an old french railroad station, hugo & his whimsical adventures taught us the beauty of staying true to oneself & that anything is possible; while in the tale of 2 cities, we learned that revolutions always come with too much blood & nothing is ever what it seems; we eat cos we feel hungry but what hemingway says here is that the hunger of working & the hunger of living is a must for every frigging artist; “paris is like a whore.” so miller writes ... deceitful is what this city of lights is all about & the price you need for galavanting through paradise might be more that what you have budgeted; last but not least, when you see paris from the sasek-ish child's eye point of view, all colorful fun & games it is. anyway, this la ville - lumière in these stories is way more fantastical than what it is in reality